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Imagine you wanted a ranking of the most common themes in all epistolary novels in French Enlightenment novels, an overview of authors covering “sentimentalism” or a map of all narrative places. The MiMoText knowledge graph combines the linked open data paradigm with the infrastructure of a wikibase and text mining methods of data-based literary history. Using the query language SPARQL, you can query this large and growing knowledge graph about the French Enlightenment novel.

Learn more about Semantic Web and Wikibase. Get to know our knowledge graph on French Enlightenment novels, its sources, modeling approach and infrastructure.


Learn more about basic SPARQL-Queries, how to write and modify some useful expressions and functions using our (embedded) MiMoTextBase-Endpoint.


Visit the Interface of our SPARQL-Endpoint to write your own queries and explore the data in MiMoTextBase.

If you want to use the URL to our SPARQL-Endpoint please refer to:



Browse through our gallery of sample queries for inspiration! Among others, we visualize results from a workshop at the conference ‘Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum (DHd)’ (Trier/Luxembourg, 13-17 Mar 2023) and from the workshop ‘SPARQL for (Digital) Humanists – Querying Wikidata and the MiMoTextBase’ at the Digital Humanities conference (Graz, 10-14th July 2023).

FAQ and Help

If you have general questions, have a look in our FAQ. Within the tutorial you will find a HELP-button on the right side for questions concerning your SPARQL query.

You can also watch our introduction video to MiMoTextBase on YouTube: